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SAPOR GmbH, Germany


There is no other brand in the world more passionate about dispensing dry soap like sapor. Nominated as the leader of dispensing for dry soap products industry. sapor is dated to be the first company in the world to focus on grinding eco-friendly soap products. Their soaps blow our minds away with their unlimited variations of scents. Their “Saponeria” store transcends every visitor to a world full of fascinating fragrances. It’s pure magic.

While sapor was focusing on their magic, we at We Khair took over the mission to dazzle their fans on the visual level. We are glad to mention that we work with sapor hand in hand for more than 12years already creating everything they needed, starting with reconstructing their branding & printables, over to their website & social media presence.

sapor Dry Soap – Lavender


As part of our mission, we took over the task of re-branding sapor’s identity to bring it to today’s fresh and modern spirit.

Logo Patterning

And of course, the Website:

Motion Pictures

In addition to pictures, sapor’s website and social media presence needed further eye-candy media like videos to transform the audience to this scented world of soaps.


Yes, you guessed right, we also re-designed their packaging to fresher more colorful styles to represent the scents offered.

popup image

Dispenser Dry Saop – Lavendel

popup image

Hand Saop – Lavendel

Allzweckreiniger – Neutral

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