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Fenomenale, UAE


Known as a world-class luxury leatherware brand, and a pioneer of innovative design and high-quality leather, Fenomenale’s mission is to take luxury leatherware to the next level by creating unique leather products that will give their customers, a luxurious and magnificent experience of being a part of the exclusive elite.

We at We Khair collaborated with Fenomenale to capture this blend of luxury, uniqueness, and exclusivity by launching a social media campaign filled with delightful imagery and stunning motion pictures to embrace the brand’s qualities.

3 Piece Watch Case

Fenomenale’s Handcraftsmanship

As Fenomenale is very proud of their handcraftsmanship, we had to make a video that shows the tradition and quality that goes behind each masterpiece created.

Lifestyle Photoshooting

We wanted to capture the journey of each wallet going through a classy and very chic lifestyle. We framed various scenarios like a fancy cafe, a CEO’s office, a creative studio, in a hotel lobby. We even took a Rolls-Royce for a ride.

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Modern Wallet – Yellow Matte


It was such a joy to capture the essence of each product Fenomenale hand delivered to us. We made sure that the high material quality is captured in each single picture to do it justice. After all, each wallet is a unicum.

The Unboxing Experience

Fenomenale values the unboxing experience in each delivered product. So much so, that it a video for itself. Enjoy!

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