FOOD STUDIO – One Price, One Day, Right Away

We Khair Food Studio is a revolutionary concept we are proud to
come up with to deliver you awesome quality pictures & videos of
all your restaurant’s dishes in a simple principle of:

What does that mean? Let’s explain:

And that’s it!
No hidden charges,
no extras!

No VAT charges, no extra payments, nothing! We stand by our word & pricing: 3500Dhs for the pix, 5500Dhs for the pix & a video. That’s it!

We start today,
& finish today

We come to your restaurant, take our equipment, build up a professional setup, start the shooting & finish it on the spot. We will get it done from start to finish on the same day.

YES! You get ’em
all right away!
The same day!

What you see is what you get! We work on the pictures/videos on the spot. We will color grade them & finalize them in front of you, & yes, you will get them the same day too! Ain’t that awesome!

Less Waiting,

More Quality!

We treat our projects with great passion and greater love. Delivering you a whole project in one day doesn’t mean that we sacrifice quality. It only means we are confident in our skills and we can deliver to you.

You don’t believe us?

See for yourself what we did in one day only:

Need to see how we do our videos too?

check this one out:

How will this day go?


The deal includes:
2 Camera Professionals
Pro Equipment
Table Setup
Light Setup
Decorations & Props
Color Grading
Finishing for Social Media